Stock Trader’s Aide is a software program designed for use by active short-term stock traders and swing stock traders. In addition, it can be used by beginner traders who want to paper trade stocks without opening a brokerage account. It is not a "how to select stocks to trade" program but rather one where traders can calculate their time-weighted performance and compare it to selected market indexes. In addition, the program produces detailed reports (listed below) that show current and historical investment data.

NOTE: Multiple accounts holding multiple stocks can be created virtually. This option gives each type of investor the opportunity to test different market strategies concurrently without risk. Beginner stock traders will find this aspect gives them real-world investing experience.


  • Account Status – Holdings, Cost, Market Price, Market Value, $ Change from Cost, % Change from Cost
  • Historical Market Values Table
  • Time-weighted Performance between Market Value Periods
  • Performance Comparison with Stock Market Indexes
  • Indication of Capital Gains or Losses show when Stocks are sold
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NOTE: All reports begin with the market values on the account inception date.